Preventive Maintenance Service

Commercial and industrial HVAC maintenance in San Jose, CA and the San Francisco Bay area

Bay Area Mechanical, LLC provides preventive maintenance services for your heating, cooling and ventilation equipment in San Jose, CA and the San Francisco Bay area. Our talented professionals can perform commercial HVAC maintenance quarterly, semiannually or annually. This can save you a lot of money on frequent repairs. Get the most out of your HVAC equipment with maintenance services.

Our maintenance programs are proven to:

Cut down on service calls.

Improve energy efficiency.

Reduce operating costs.

Extend equipment life.

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Why choose Bay Mechanical for your HVAC maintenance?

Why choose Bay Mechanical for your HVAC maintenance?

Bay Area Mechanical maintains HVAC equipment at hospitals, universities, biotech firms and large companies in San Jose, California and the San Francisco Bay area. Our professional team will do what it takes to minimize service interruptions, errors and replacements. With over 15 years of experience in the HVAC business, you can trust us to properly maintain your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment.

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HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Proposal

Preventative Maintenance Service Scope of Work

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program

Bay Area Mechanical Inc. will provide HVAC maintenance for the equipment provided on the following pages. Authorized repairs or improvements will be made to said equipment at our current labor rate only after obtaining proper authorization. Non-scheduled emergency service will be billed at straight time rate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Scheduled overtime will be provided at the overtime rate of time and one half. 

Service To Be Provided: Regularly service and inspect the equipment four (4) times a year at approximately ninety (90) day intervals. Each inspection shall include all service as listed on the attached checklist. A written report will be provided after each maintenance inspection indicating what repairs, if any, are necessary. Authorization will be obtained before any additional work is performed.


  • We shall provide a Manufactures PlusTM one year warranty on all parts and equipment we install.
  • We shall instruct you in the most efficient use of your system.
  • We shall not be responsible for system design in maintaining comfort conditions.
  • Manufactures PlusTM Parts Warranty valid only with this maintenance contract in force and pertains to most heating and air conditioning components (i.e. motors, compressors, thermostats, etc.) that have been replaced by Bay Area Mechanical LLC., and does not include crane, rigging, Freon, consumables and electronic components. 
  • Equipment serviced by Bay Area Mechanical with an operational run time exceeding 12 hours per day will be covered for one (1) year parts warranty. 
  • Proposed equipment annuals and key component replacement quotes not authorized will void specific equipment in subject parts warranty unless otherwise documented. 
  • Equipment repair, service, or troubleshooting by anyone other than a Bay Area Mechanical LLC. employee voids the specific warranty, unless authorized by Bay Area Mechanical LLC in writing. 
  • 2-Hour response time pertains only to HVAC emergencies i.e. water leaks, fire/smoke, building computer, server and clean room inoperative air conditioning systems. This guarantee is limited to acts of nature, and circumstances beyond our control. Non-emergency HVAC issues will be scheduled immediately.


  • Provide reasonable access to equipment. 
  • Allow our personnel to operate the equipment. 
  • Promptly notify us as to any unusual noises or operating conditions. 
  • Provide roof top water source if non-existent to enable proper equipment cleaning.


    Additional work required beyond the scope of the original contract to meet governmental codes, building codes or union regulations.

  • Vandalism or negligent operation.
  • Electrical Service excluding control wiring. 
  • Repair due to freezing weather-related conditions. 
  • Water supply and drain beyond the proper equipment. 
  • Water Treatment unless specified. 
  • Bag filters, unless specified. 

    We shall not be liable for damages through acts of nature, war (declared or undeclared), or any special incidental, or consequential damages to the specified equipment. All work will be performed in a workmanlike manner. Payment is net 30 days with approved credit. In the event of commencement of suit to enforce payment of this order, customer promises to pay such additional sums for attorney's fees and costs accounts. It is understood that this document sets forth our entire agreement and that there is no other party to this agreement. This agreement becomes a contract when accepted into writing by you and our authorized representative.

  • Variable Air Volume Roof Top Package Unit (Quarterly)

    Inspect electrical disconnect and fuses.

    Inspect and tighten electrical connections in electrical control panel.

    Check compressor and fan contactors for voltage drop(s) across contactor(s).

    Use infrared to detect electrical overheating.

    Verify operation of compressor(s) and condenser fan motor(s) and record amperage(s)/voltage(s).

    Verify operation of evaporator fan motor(s) and record amperage/voltage.

    Verify operation of crankcase heater(s) on compressors.

    Record unit return and supply air temperatures.

    Verify refrigeration circuit(s) super-heat temperature at compressor.

    Verify refrigeration circuit(s) sub-cooling temperature.

    Check for signs of refrigerant leaks visually on refrigeration circuit(s).

    Check compressor(s) oil levels and record.

    Check set points and operation of low ambient control(s) on condenser fan motor(s).

    Check tension on evaporator fan belt(s) and replace as needed.

    Lubricate evaporator motor(s) and fan bearing(s) per manufactures hourly frequency requirement.

     Check unit evaporator motor(s) and fan(s) bearings for excessive vibration.

    Replace unit filter(s) and clean return air section.

    Check evaporator coil for leaks and dirt.

    Clean outside air screens as necessary.

    Flush drain pan and drain with water and compressed air.

    Check for proper sloping of drain line.

    Insure drain is secured and supported.
    Clean condenser coil with water and biodegradable coil cleaner.

    Check curb, piping, and ducting roof penetrations for signs of possible water leaks to the building.

    Check that exposed ducting and flex connections are sealed.

    Verify operation of economizer dampers and controls.

    Verify operation or space pressure controls.

    Verify operation of powered exhaust fans.

    Check and replace powered exhaust fan belt.

    Condensing Units (Quarterly)

    Lubricate motor and fan as required.

    Clean coils with biodegradable cleaner

    Inspect and tighten electrical connections.

    Verify operation of compressor and crankcase heater(s).

    Check sequence and operation of controls

    Visually check for signs of refrigerant leaks.

    Ensure unit is properly attached to sleepers.

    Chiller Air Cooled (Quarterly)

    Check and record inlet and outlet temperatures.

    Check refrigerant and oil levels and record.

    Inspect and tighten all electrical components.

    Verify operation of unit's safeties.

    Verify proper sequence of operation.

    Verify operation of evaporator pumps.

    Verify chiller set points and low ambient settings.

    Clean condenser coils with biodegradable cleaner.

    Check and record any alarms in unit's history log.

    Visually inspect system for signs of water or refrigerant leaks.

    Inspect condenser fans and fan blades for vibration.

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